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Holism and Analytic Training

November 25th 2017

25 Nov. timetable

As part of the ‘One-world’ Project, co-investigator Dr. David Henderson will hold a symposium at Middlesex University further contributing to objective four of the project.

This symposium is open to invited participants:

Holism and Analytic Training Invitees

Details of the symposium are provided below:

Middlesex symposium

“One World”: Logical and Ethical Implications of Holism has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to undertake research on philosophical issues related to holism. While a large part of the research focuses on these philosophical questions, an important element of the project is to engage with practitioners.

We have therefore invited two members of each of the training committees of the main analytic trainings in the United Kingdom to attend a one-day symposium on Saturday, 25 November, 2017 hosted by the Centre for Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University. The day will explore the interaction between notions of holism and the theories and practices of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. We will ask in what ways theories of holism might inform our understanding of the training curriculum and our expectations about the development of candidates. Can theories of holism help us to think about the nature of clinical concepts? Can they be used to clarify what we are looking for from trainees as they approach qualification?

The morning session will be devoted to reflection on psychoanalytic concepts and theories of technique under the heading of ‘What are we teaching?’ The afternoon session will focus on the development of the analyst or psychoanalytic psychotherapist under the heading of ‘How much is enough?’ Our reflections will be stimulated by contributions by George Bright and Dr. Werner Prall. They will make presentations to start the morning and afternoon sessions and we will then break into groups to discuss the themes in depth.

Members of these organisations have valuable experience to share about the process of analytic training. Our hope is that they will take back to their organisations new questions and perspectives that will enrich their collective thinking about the trainings that they offer.