CHANGING: making poetry with and through the Yijing

Richard Berengarten (Friday 8th September, University of Essex)

Publicity details: Public Talk – Richard Berengarten (Friday 8th September, The University of Essex)

Berengarten - Book cover - Changing


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Those already registered for the Holism conference on the Friday do not need to register additionally for Richard’s talk.

Conference Registration now open


Registration, registration packages, day rates and options are now open for the forthcoming conference: ‘Holism; possibilities and problems’. Please follow the links on the right (alternatively see ‘conferences’).

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Registration closes 25th August 2017

Holism – possibilities and problems, time-table

Provisional panel distribution – Holism conference

Conference opening and closing times:

Friday 8 September 2017: ARRIVAL: 12.30 – 14.00: Registration

Sunday 10th September 2017: 13.00 – 14.00: Lunch: DEPARTURE

Holism Possibilities and problems (September 2017 - The University of Essex)


possibilities and problems

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An international interdisciplinary conference

Part of ‘“One world”: logical and ethical implications of holism’, a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK
8 – 10 September 2017

Confirmed speakers include:

George Hogenson, Christian Kerslake, Harald Atmanspacher, Inna Semetsky, Joe Cambray, Joshua Ramey, Paul Bishop, Christina Sjöström, Megumi Yama

Organizing committee

Professor Roderick Main

Dr David Henderson

Dr Christian McMillan

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For enquiries contact Christian McMillan at

Recent conference contributions and talks from ‘One World’ project Principal Investigator, Professor Roderick Main

In June and September of this year, Professor Roderick Main (Principle Investigator of the ‘One World’: logical and ethical implications of holism project), delivered two conference papers whose themes were closely tied with the ‘One world’ project. The abstracts for these conferences paper are given below and will be archived in the “conferences” section.

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Stage 2:

The second stage of the project involves a historical reconstruction and philosophical extraction of the conceptions of wholeness underpinning Jung’s and Deleuze’s work.

Researcher Christian McMillan contributes the following notes and ideas (in ‘working papers’) as part of an on-going engagement with the second stage of the project:

Esse in Anima: The problem of Grounding between Jung and Deleuze

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